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In this day and age, there’s a staggering notion that women would like their partners to have a huge penis. This belief has caused a condition called “penis anxiety” for men, which is also the reason why there are so many penis enhancement products available today.  

But let’s make it straight. Is there really a definite figure of the perfect penis size for women? Now, let’s dig deeper into the subject.

Human Penis Size

The size of a penis is measured by its length and width, where there is a natural variability in size due to many different factors. These factors include the level of arousal, room temperature, time of day, frequency of sexual activity as well as the unreliability of the measurement methods. Other factors to consider include a man’s age, race and ethnicity. Also, the size of a flaccid penis does not necessarily correspond to the size of an erect penis and is a poor estimate of the penis size. Some flaccid penises would grow much bigger once erected while others don’t seem to show significant growth when aroused. The average erect penis size is between 5.5 - 6.5in in length and 5in width.

Size to Satisfy Women in Bed

The preferred penis size for women is around 7 in length and from 6.1-6.2 in width. But regardless of the size of the penis, the vagina can accommodate itself to any length especially if the woman is sexual aroused. While the average length of the vagina extends only to about 5in, it has the capacity for lengthening to about 150 to 200 percent once something is gradually introduced into it. So if you have an exceptional erect penis of 8in long, you can still insert your full length penis into the vagina provided that you do it slowly and that your partner is sexually aroused.

Unfortunately, not all men are blessed with an exceptional and sexually satisfying penis. If you are conscious and insecure about yours, you might want to see your doctor for recommendations. You have so many options to discuss such as losing weight, penile exercises, penis stretchers, penis enhancement pills, etc.  

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