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Diet for penis enlargement

Food is many things for us. It’s your supply of energy and nutrients that keeps you alive. If you are really into food it can be a source of pleasure. It’s also the biggest way to keeping your body fit and healthy. Without eating the right food you will suffer from various diseases associated with malnutrition. Quite simply, you are what you eat. Penis exercises information

Food is important

I bet that you didn’t know that the food you eat can influence the size of your penis. Not many people are aware of the influence that certain types of foods, the clothes we wear and everyday lifestyle choices have on our bodies. For example, the underwear you wear can decrease the production of sperm by being too tight. Everyone likes looking good but its silly to sacrifice your sperm for a pair of tighty whiteys.

When doing a penis enlargement program the main thing to look out for in food is those ingredients that will repair tissue and keep your blood flowing. These foods are called vasodilators, they work by relaxing walls of the blood vessels which helps your blood low.

What to eat

Some examples of foods you should be eating are: salmon, tuna, turkey, eggs, milk, and dark green leafy vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. Drinking two litres of water a day will help your body to function better.

While these foods have no readily detectable influence on the size of your penis, their presence in your diet helps promote the blood flow that is the key to erection. If your circulatory system is in perfect shape and if the blood vessels are allowing more blood to pass through the penis, then your erection is bound to be bigger than usual.

In the same way that a bodybuilder has to exercise while eating the right foods to build muscle. Someone practicing penis enlargement can help their gains by eating the right foods to increase blood flow and repair tissue. If your blood circulatory system is in good shape more blood will flow into the penis, allowing your erection to be bigger.

If you combine natural proven penis enlargement methods like extenders and exercises with a high protein and high vegetable diet you are bound to see quicker results.

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