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Penis stretchers or penis extenders are in high demand at the moment. They've become so popular that some men have tried to make their own extenders at home. As one forum member pointed out:" The easiest way isn't always the safest. Because the easiest thing I can think of is to tie a piece of string around the head of your penis and attach it to your leg or put weights on the end, but that isn't safe." Another member said: “The easiest options I can think of is to stick your penis in a vacuum clear for a few hours a day. Not exactly safe though."

Homemade penis extenders aren't a safe or effective option when it comes to enlarging your penis. It's very hard to achieve smooth finished surfaces like you get with professionally made extenders. When making a penis extender at home it's impossible to get the device perfectly balanced.

Don't risk injury and waste time

What would happen if it was too tight or pulled to the left more than the right? You could easily damage your penis or make it bend to one side. There's no doubt that homemade penis extenders are easy to build and won't cost much to make. You can find loads of information online about how to make your own penis extenders if you read the forums. There's endless information on homemade penis enlargement solutions. But, there's no information from the same people on what happens when you end up hurting yourself and you have to go to the emergency room.

The most common injuries:

-Cuts and bruises. This usually occurs because they can't find materials with smooth enough surfaces needed to protect the thin sensitive skin that covers the penis. Small cuts and bruises don't usually leave permanent marks on your skin, but they can be very painful and put our penis out of action for a few weeks - that means no sex or masturbation. If you get cuts and bruises then stop what you're doing and don't do it again. Give your penis time to heal and look into a safer method.

-Nerve damage and blood vessel damage. This can happen when you constrict the flow of blood for a period of time or when you put too much pressure on blood vessels or nerves. If you experience any loss in feeling in your penis or if your penis turns to a blue or black colour then go to the emergency room immediately. This is very serious and must be seen to right away.

We believe that if you want to get good results and do it without injuring yourself you should buy a penis extender that carries the European CE safety stamp, one that has passed safety and quality checks before being allowed on the market. Your penis is precious and you only have one so there's no sense in risking injury with an unsafe enlargement device. You wouldn't make your own braces for your teeth or make a cast for a broken arm, so why try and make a penis extender?

Penis extenders work and many men all over the world are experiencing the benefits of using an extender. If you want that same feeling of self-confidence and power, buy a quality device and use it correctly.

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